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Moving Checkl list
This image is a preview of our detailed In-Home Estimate survey we use to obtain a list of everything you are requesting us to move. 
Schedule moving
This image is a preview of our cloud base scheduling system that allows are entire team to have 24-7 access.
Moving and storage check list
This image is a preview of our "My Moving Checklist." This will help  keep your move completely organized. 

STEP 1 Schedule your in-home estimate 

Your first step to the perfect move is scheduling your in-home estimate. Once your appointment is confirmed, our team will call you between 30 - 60 minutes before we arrive. We like to introduce our movers to our customers, this way our customers get a true sense of what our company is all about. Our professionals will do a walk-through to see everything you would like us to move. We use a perfected survey form to make notes of all items being moved. Using detailed descriptions on all items allows us to be completely prepared for every single item our team will be moving. 

STEP 2 Review your moving survey

You will receive a copy of our survey from our company via email. Review all the details of your items listed on your estimate. Once you have fully reviewed all your details, reach out and contact Hour Movers to confirm your moving requested moving date. 

STEP 3 Confirm your move

Once you have decided our company the perfect fit for your move, let our team know you're ready to confirm your appointment. Our team will send you a confirmation via email. You will then be given the direct phone number of the person who will be coordinating all the logistics of your move. If at any point you have questions, please reach out to your coordinator, and they will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

STEP 4 Follow our moving checklist

Our team has put together a moving checklist to help you stay organized. Follow this list, and you will be completely ready for your next move on moving day. Being prepared for your move is the key to a stress-free transition from home to home.



STEP 5 Enjoy the experience of moving

Your moving day will feel organized, clean, perfectly thought out, and prepared. Allowing our customers to enjoy the rare experience of moving truly is our top priority. 

STEP 6 Review Hour Movers

Leaving your thoughts and comments about our company on social media is more important than ever. Our team works off the energy of our community. Seeing our happy customers online motivates us to stay focus on our goals of providing quality service.

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