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We Appreciate Our Staff


We truly believe in our staff and it shows. Expressing our appreciation for our staff's hard work is extremely important. The moving industry is difficult, and it takes a lot of well-thought-out planning that can be tiring. We certainly understand how it can feel great to be recognized for your efforts. Becoming a part of Hour Movers means you are ready to give and receive positive feedback and uplifting energy. 


Progressive Wage and Pay


We offer our employees some of the highest rates in the industry. This is because we believe our employees are the most important assets to our company. Wages will vary with experience, but will always have the opportunity to grow and progress their career with our company. 

Stat Holiday & Over-Time


Have no worries about far pay with our company. Our company pays all stats and overtime hours on hours over 40hr per week.  Employee hours are updated and posted daily with 24-hour access. 

Safe and Clean Workspace


Our company is not only safe, but it is also an ideal working environment. We provide our team with all the tools and equipment needed to properly perform junk removals. Our company's new vehicles and equipment are monitored and serviced rigorously keeping our employees always safe and comfortable. 

Gratitude and Tips


Our customers often show their great appreciation for our service by offering our team gratitude and tips. This comes in many forms and has always been an amazing perk of the job. We have received everything from special rates on accommodations, and gift cards to paid lunches on the job. With the right people working, this can be one of the biggest most exciting perks of the job.


Building Friends for a Lifetime


Working together builds a certain kind of relationship that can last a lifetime. Every new team member is treated like an old friend. Join our team today and feel at home on your first day. If you would like to see if you are a good fit, send us an email today!





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