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We were solely known for the first 3 years of our business as "Les Nemeth Delivery." This name in time changed to "Nemeth Moving & Delivery" as our service naturally grew into a 50/50 moving service and delivery service. Many of our customers still call to this day and ask for "Les Nemeth Delivery" Our community embraced our father; anyone who met him would not soon forget his attention to detail, accompanied by his positive attitude and generosity. It was clear our business stood out in our city as one of Victoria's favorite delivery companies because we truly enjoy our work. We taught ourselves how to turn a little effort into impressive results when moving heavy items into challenging locations. With more demand for our service, we knew we had to find more people who shared our passion for this line of work. We soon noticed that the moving industry did not attract the most suitable people for our company. Only hiring our family and friends was great but very limiting for the number of requests we were able to fulfill; we wanted to find people we share the same passion, goals, and interests, not only for work but life in general. 


We knew building a moving company that was appealing to the type of people we wanted to work with would be slightly challenging. We started by asking our current team what type of company they wanted to work for. Their response was unanimous across the board; they wanted to feel appreciated, recognized, paid fairly for their time and effort, along with being a valued part of our team. We made a few adjustments to our pricing we offered our staff more frequent pay raises. We made more of a conscious effort to encourage our staff when they show initiative at work. We also expressed our gratitude and noticed more about how our entire company operated. We began organizing fun things to do for our team outside of work; Immediately, we could see a difference in how our team worked together. This was only the beginning of our efforts to create our company into a positive working environment. Each year we look for new ways to engage our team in multiple fun, positive activities, and it has truly built our companies reputation into something we can all be proud to be a part of. 


Our process for hiring new staff is another key to how we operate our business. We only hire high-energy, motivated, and positive people; this has always been one of our top priorities. We encourage a healthy lifestyle before, during, and after work hours so we can all work off each other's positive attitude. The moving industry is challenging, so working with the right people is crucial. We focus on four major factors when seeking new employees, are they physically active? Are they motivated to learn? Do they have a positive outlook on their day-to-day life? Are you passionate about customer service? These are the most important aspects we look for. Once we have decided on hiring a new team member, they are welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. Our team's approach for training new staff members is always met with encouragement and with positive reinforcement. 


In 2015 we decided to make a dramatic change and rethink our company name. We were mainly known for our first 5 years in business by our last name, Nemeth Moving & Delivery. This was great for the time as it reflected our entire family's involvement. As we began to grow, we felt our family's name was not necessarily what our employees wanted to represent. After a long time of brainstorming, we decided on the name Hour Movers. This was a wordplay on our movers for our staff and customers to feel more a part of our company. We chose Hour Movers because we wanted to embrace a key element of moving, time. Our team and customer's feedback was positive, to say the least. We began to see more enthusiastic employees, excited customers to talk about our business, and more of our community establishments reaching out to enquire about our company. 


The more our company grows, the more we realized we are building not just a business but a group of friends who enjoy the healthy lifestyle our company represents. We encourage our team to invite each other to positive activities after hours such as rock climbing, skiing, swimming, hiking, jogging, working out, yoga, surfing, and other sports; these are just a few of the types of physical activities we like to hear our team members participating in after-hours. We also encourage our team to embrace learning new things as a part of keeping your brain active; reading books, meditation, and healthy eating are just a few examples of how we encourage our team to maintain a healthy mental state. This, without question, has been the baseline to our fundamentals of maintaining our team's positive working environment. 


Our mission is simple, to continue to grow so we can offer our community a fun, happy, and positive work environment in an industry in need of a new image. Building and growing Hour Movers has become more than just a business we manage; It has become the story of our life's work. 


Hour Movers started like most businesses, a family trying to find their way in what seemed like an overwhelmingly big city. The Transportation industry was an ideal start-up, as the initial investment was minimal as our family was working with a budget. With only needing a business license from City Hall, a registered GST number, the proper insurance, and simple purchase of a suitable vehicle designed for the line of work we were interested in venturing into. With this in place, we began offering a delivery service to the members of our community who needed help with transporting furniture they purchased. Delivering items for the second-hand stores such as the Salvation Army's and Win Store (Woman In Need) gave us just enough work to promote ourselves on each delivery personally, and this landed a few moving jobs a month. Without question, our positive attitude and attention to detail caught the attention of many local furniture stores. As more and more local businesses reached out to us to provide their customers with delivery options when purchasing furniture from their establishments, the demand for our service began to increase dramatically.

History of Hour Movers begining
Joey and Mike Owners of Hour Movers
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