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Hour Movers Moving Truck

The Story of The Family
That Built a Moving Company With

History of Hour Movers beginings
Joseph Nemeth and Micheal The Owners of Hour Movers

Read The True Story About Hour Movers,

Take a Moment and Learn More Our History  

Hour Movers unfolds its narrative against the dynamic backdrop of a bustling city, where a family embarked on a journey that would reshape the moving experience in Victoria. Navigating this urban landscape required strategic planning, and we meticulously acquired licenses, registrations, insurance, and a suitable vehicle—a foundational investment for what lay ahead.

Our inaugural venture into the transportation industry led us to offer a delivery service, responding to the needs of community members seeking assistance in moving furniture. Collaborating with second-hand stores like the Salvation Army and Win Store (Woman In Need), our service not only facilitated the transportation of goods but also showcased our unwavering commitment to excellence, steadily securing a few moving projects each month.

What set us apart during these formative years were our undying positive attitude and meticulous attention to detail. Recognition quickly followed, with local furniture stores seeking our services for their customers' delivery needs. This marked the transformation of Hour Movers from a modest family endeavor into a trusted partner for those seeking reliable and professional transportation solutions.

In our early years, we proudly operated under the banner of "Les Nemeth Delivery." This name became synonymous with meticulous service and commitment to excellence. As our services naturally expanded to include an equal balance of moving and delivery, our identity seamlessly transitioned into "Nemeth Moving & Delivery." This name change, while symbolizing a shift in nomenclature, retained the essence of our origins—a sentiment cherished by our community.

At the heart of our early success was the indelible mark left by our father, Les Nemeth. His legacy embodied attention to detail, a positive attitude, and an unwavering commitment to generosity. Embraced by the community, Les Nemeth became a figure whose impact resonated long after each interaction.

In a transformative moment, Nemeth Moving & Delivery seamlessly transitioned into Hour Movers. This shift represents more than a change in name; it signifies our commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Our core values remain unwavering, creating a positive work environment that honors the contributions of our valued team.

The journey from Nemeth Moving & Delivery to Hour Movers reflects our dedication to adapting to the needs of our team and the evolving industry landscape. Positive transformations within our workplace culture, coupled with a commitment to fair compensation and recognition, form the bedrock of Hour Movers' success.

Maintaining the spirit of camaraderie from our beginnings, the legacy of Nemeth Moving & Delivery lives on in the heart of Hour Movers. As we enthusiastically embrace the future, ready to script new success stories with every hour and every move, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. At Hour Movers, the journey continues, and the joy in our work remains the driving force behind our success.





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